Keep your facility safe with emergency bollard installs from Lehigh PRO

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Vehicle Strike Protection

Protect your building, customers and employees from collisions with cars and trucks.

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Quick Response Emergency Installs 24/7

We can protect your facility quickly and safely if accidents happen.

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Call us in advance, or in the event of an emergency.

Protect Your Facility Before An Accident Happens

  1. A Lehigh PRO technician will evaluate your specific need, and make recommendations.
  2. Your work will be quoted with a written quote
  3. All work will be performed in accordance with your guidance, and within your time constraints.
  4. Lehigh will recommend the correct bollard solution. We will normally install a 7 foot, 6 inch, schedule 40 bollard with 42" below the surface and 42" above ground.
  5. We may need to bore concrete, work with your existing ashphalt, or simply install into soil but we will install your bollard and protect your building.

We have a staff of over 65 employees who are dedicated to help you with all aspects of your job. From Project Management to Information Technology or from Field Supervisors to PRO Technicians, at Lehigh you will have all the resources needed to complete your job.

We are capable of delivering construction projects of any size, from building repair and maintenance to multi-million dollar design-build projects.

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