With a long history of pouring concrete for equipment foundations from general to tight tolerance jobs, Lehigh Industrial Services has completed complex equipment foundation installations.

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Interior & Exterior Equipment Foundations

Lehigh Industrial Services installs large and small interior and exterior equipment foundation projects annually, particularly specialized industrial and commercial concrete equipment foundations

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Equipment Foundation Project Management

Your Lehigh Industrial Services Project Manager will help select the best materials and delivery of your specialized equipment foundations, transformer pads or truck scale foundations.

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Wide Range of Equipment Foundation Options

Whether you need machinery and equipment foundations, mixer machine concrete foundations or foundation repairs, Lehigh Industrial offers the experience and knowledge to make your install successful.

Lehigh specializes in equipment foundations and commercial industrial concrete intallations:

  1. Equipment Foundations

    When precision and accuracy are critical to the equipment foundations in your manufacturing plant, Lehigh Industrial Services brings the experience you can rely on to customize the footprint and pouring of your foundation.
  2. Equipment Grouting

    Lehigh Industrial Services applies industrial epoxy and grout underneath equipment foundations to protect against temperature variables, shock and vibration, corrosion and moisture. Grout can also aid in transferring the load for optimal performance.
  3. Crane Foundations

    Precision and accuracy are critical to crane foundations and Lehigh Industrial Services has the experience you can rely on to customize your foundation.
  4. Pits & Trenches

    Lehigh Industrial Services offers safe and full service trenching, pit and excavation services for underground placement of pipes, conduits and utilities.
  5. Concrete Saw Cutting

    Lehigh Industrial Services provides proven capabilities for concrete saw cutting for concrete demolition, concrete coring and concrete pile cutting for many infrastructure needs.
  6. Sidewalk, Stair & Curb Repair

    Lehigh Industrial Services provides concrete repair for sidewalks, stairs and curbs to offer owners safety alternatives while providing aesthetically appealing finishes for facility maintenance.
  7. Foundation & Floor Repair

    Lehigh Industrial Services provides concrete foundation and floor repairs and finishes for facility maintenance.
  8. Floor Pavement Drainage

    Pavement drainage is crucial to design for manufacturing and warehousing floors, and Lehigh Industrial Services brings a wealth of experience, materials and knowledge to your most demanding drainage challenges.
  9. Floor Toppings, Coatings & Sealers

    Lehigh Industrial Services helps extend the life of existing floors, and improve performance of new floors using a variety of floor toppings, coatings and sealants. The floors life can be greatly extended, and performance is increased for fork truck operation with the addition of additive coatings.
  10. Truck Scale Foundations

    Installation of truck scale foundations for all industries. Precise tolerances require rechecking of drawings and specifications to have minimal disruption of customer employees and processes.

We have a staff of over 65 employees who are dedicated to help you with all aspects of your job. From Project Management to Information Technology or from Field Supervisors to PRO Technicians, at Lehigh you will have all the resources needed to complete your job.

We are capable of delivering construction projects of any size, from building repair and maintenance to multi-million dollar design-build projects.

How can Lehigh assist with your next industrial construction project?

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