Lehigh’s safety philosophy remains unchanged every year: send everyone home safely to their family every day. 

In keeping with this philosophy, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of industry safety standards and practices by maintaining our commitment to train and educate employees so they may perform in the safest manner possible.

An example of our dedication to employee training is the certification of all of our safety, field, warehouse and project management staff with OSHA 30-hour training in Construction Safety.

Lehigh’s proactive approach to a comprehensive Safety Program is as old as the company’s history.

We do not consider safety to be a “priority” at Lehigh. It is much more than that to us; we consider safety to be a “core value.” We realize that priorities change from time to time, but core values remain constant. Our dedicated focus on safety will never change.

Our commitment reaches well beyond our own company.

Lehigh is one of the few private companies in the Northeastern United States to have entered into an Alliance with OSHA. Since first executed in 2003, the goal of the alliance has been to educate the young and inexperienced. Lehigh has partnered with OSHA to visit high school, college and minority construction programs educating individuals on construction hazards and the best safety practices they should look for in a future employer.

We think it’s our responsibility to create a high level of safety awareness among young people considering a career in construction. The more knowledge people have results in a higher level of safety.