Comprehensive plant shutdowns services for facility turnarounds and outages.

Project managers plan with owners to establish critical operational schedules for plant shutdown schedules that get customers back into production quickly.

3rd shift, weekend and holiday plant shutdown options make working with Lehigh attractive for food manufacturers and customers who require regular uptime.

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We Help Minimize Your Production Downtime 

Service managers work closely with customers to pre-plan plant shutdowns and minimize potential negative impacts to turnaround schedules while maintaining continuous contact for unanticipated scenarios.

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3rd shift, Weekends & Holiday Shutdowns

Flexible crews work around your schedule to perform plant shutdowns during off-times.

Whether 3rd shift, weekends or holidays, we finish the shutdown to let you resume manufacturing.

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Plant Shutdown Cost-Savings

Because plant shutdowns and turnarounds have a critical impact on operational and financial metrics, we coordinate and run tasks on parallel tracks to ensure on-time delivery and adherence to schedule.

Trust Lehigh with Your Next Plant Shutdown

  1. Experience in Shut Down Work

    Lehigh has completed numerous manufacturing plant shutdowns. and understands the critical importance of responding quickly to “make it happen” for all turnarounds and outages.
  2. We Understand What a Disruption Can Mean to Your Production

    Shutdowns and turnarounds mean disrupting regular operations. Lehigh offers experienced personnel to minimize downtime and respond quickly with multiple project options to deal with any irregularities
  3. Flexible and Adaptable Service

    Service managers work closely with you following a parallel track on each aspect of your project to finish the job on time.
  4. Proven Safety and Efficiency

    Lehigh performs all plant shutdowns, emergency repairs and outages with a focus on safety, boasting an outstanding safety record over our 38 year history

We have a staff of over 70 employees dedicated to help you with all aspects of your job. From Project Management to Information Technology or from Field Supervisors to PRO Technicians, at Lehigh you will have all the resources needed to complete your job.

We are capable of delivering construction projects of any size, from building repair and maintenance to multi-million dollar design-build projects.

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