Dairy brick repairs for food and beverage manufacturers for dairy tile floors.

Lehigh PRO completes dairy brick repairs and maintenance on dairy tile floors during plant shutdowns & emergencies minimizing downtime. Quick response dairy brick repairs.

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Dairy Brick PROs for Restaurants

We’ve completed hundreds dairy brick floor repairs for food & beverage manufacturers, and work with national restaurant chains preparing for inspections.

Lehigh PRO dairy brick repairs and dairy tile maintenance will help keep dairy brick floors clean, safe and useful for years.

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Emergency Dairy Brick Repairs

Lehigh PRO is available for 24/7/365 day service specializing in quick-response emergency service.

We’ve worked in manufacturing plants around Buffalo & WNY.

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Need Quick Dairy Brick Repairs?

Emergency dairy brick repair project?  Upcoming inspection?

Lehigh will get you back into production quickly.

Dairy Brick Repairs for Food & Beverage Manufacturers and Restaurants including:

  1. Inspecting, repairing and replacing cracked dairy bricks and dairy tile floors.
  2. Repairing damaged dairy brick grout, especially around drain grates to prevent additional damage.
  3. Refitting loose dairy bricks or dairy tiles near floor drains, chemical discharge and high traffic areas.
  4. Basic dairy brick maintenance including cleaning dairy brick tile removing stains.

Our staff of 78 employees are dedicated to help with all aspects of your construction job. From project management to information technology, and from Supervisors to PRO Technicians we’ll provide all the resources needed to complete your job.

We consistently deliver building repairs and facility maintenance projects of all sizes from small quick-response repairs to small construction projects. No job is too small!

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