Compared to traditional commercial building materials, precast concrete can offer many advantages that impact nearly all aspects of the construction process, from design to scheduling to owner maintenance.

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Value and Efficiency

Precast concrete panels can be used to construct aesthetically appealing buildings for many different budget considerations, often offering more value and efficiency than traditional industrial building methods.

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Environmentally Friendly Design

Precast concrete is environmentally friendly, and can be fully recycled — a feature that stands out to many industry professionals who place a focus on eco-friendly building materials and practices.

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Diverse Applications

Panels are available in both architectural (non-load-bearing) and structural (load-bearing) configurations

Precast Concrete Experts

  1. Ease in Construction and Cost Effective

    While site-cast concrete walls are formed and poured at the job site, precast concrete panels are produced off-site in a controlled environment which leads to more uniform results and consistency in curing. Panels can even be cast while the job site is being prepped saving time and money and making projects less susceptible to weather-based scheduling complications.
  2. Versatile and Durable Material

    Appropriate for all seasons and climates, precast concrete is resistant to decay, fire, insects, mold, rain and wind, and performs well in winter freeze/thaw events. Precast buildings don't have network connectivity issues associated with many older masonry buildings. Wi-Fi and cellular signals typically have little to no interference due to precast building’s construction.
  3. High Performance Material to Accelerate Your Project

    Precast concrete panels and products are high-performance materials that greatly enhance speed-to-market construction. They provide minimal site disruption while offering owners, architects and contractors aesthetic choices to produce beautiful and functional buildings of almost any color, form or texture.
  4. Wide Range of Benefits

    • Uses an efficient design and construction model that enables construction to take place while the design may still be changing
    • Available in different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes
    • Requires minimal maintenance
    • Easy to wash, and can be painted in the future at minimal intervals
    • Products can be delivered and installed to suit the owner’s schedule, improving project schedules
    • More reliable timelines, improved cost estimates and ultimately reduced safety concerns
    • Having precast concrete delivered based on optimal scheduling may result in fewer people on site and more efficient construction

We have a staff of over 65 employees who are dedicated to help you with all aspects of your job. From Project Management to Information Technology or from Field Supervisors to PRO Technicians, at Lehigh you will have all the resources needed to complete your job. We are capable of delivering construction projects of any size, from building repair and maintenance to multi-million dollar design-build projects.

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